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Virtusphere Frequently Asked Questions

Top 5 questions people ask:

Q: I can see a hole in the sphere in some of your pictures – will the user fall out?
A: The hole is open only for the photo, for you to better see the user inside. Operation of the Virtusphere
requires that all holes be closed with hatches, so that the shell is uniform. This way the user inside is in no
danger of falling out and can move naturally in any direction.

Q: The Virtusphere – how does it operate?
A: The Virtusphere system consists of a large hollow sphere that sits on a base and allows the sphere to rotate
360 degrees. Wearing a head-mounted display, users can step inside the sphere to fully interact in immersive
virtual environments. The Virtusphere enables 6 degrees of freedom – one can move in any direction; walk,
jump, roll, run over virtually unlimited distances without encountering real-world physical obstacles.

Q: What is the Rolling Bar?
A: Rolling Bar is a special platform that can freely roll within the Sphere. It is possible to mount different
necessary equipment on the Rolling Bar. If first time User will hold the handrail of Rolling Bar it will be helpful for
keeping balance when he/she walking in Virtusphere. With Rolling Bar even older people feel more confident
when walking in Virtusphere.

Q: Where do you see Virtuspheres being used?
A: Virtusphere products and solutions are marketed to target customers including:
- Military, law enforcement, homeland security agencies and “first responders” (for simulated training exercises)
- The electronic gaming industry (as the ultimate setting for immersive gaming)
- Health clubs and athlete training
- Education and museums
- Architects, real estate professionals and others who can use virtual walk throughs as a powerful way to present
We see the Virtusphere as version 1 of the Holodeck and the ultimate portal to the matrix.

Q: Where can I see a Virtusphere in action?
A: You can see and try Virtusphere in our office in Binghamton, NY.

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Q: Virtusphere, Inc. – what does the company do?
A: Virtusphere, Inc. is a developer of high-end simulation systems and solutions that deliver the most-advanced
setting for fully immersive simulated training, gaming and virtual walk throughs.

Q: Virtusphere – what does it do?
A: The Virtusphere patented technology enables the user to make lifelike movements in cyberspace and
delivers a breakthrough Human Computer Interface (HCI) via the most natural form of navigation - by walking.

Q: Virtusphere – why was it created?
A: The Virtusphere was invented as a result of the need to overcome key limitations that the real world imposes
on the ability of people to move freely and in any direction in simulated environments.

Q: Who invented the Virtusphere?
A: It is the brainchild of brothers Ray and Nurulla Latypov, inventors who are famous for their numerous
discoveries and developments in the field of computers, user interfaces and games.

Q: Virtusphere – is it patented?
A: The Virtusphere is protected by a number of international patents, including U.S. patents 5,846,134 “Method
and apparatus for immersion of a user into virtual reality” and 6,563,489 “System for placing a subject into
virtual reality”.

Q: What are the size/dimensions of the Virtusphere?
A: Sphere weight: 550 pounds;  diameter 10 feet; occupied space: 100 sq. feet.

Q: Is it difficult to assemble the Virtusphere?
A: Actually, it is fairly easy. It is a straightforward process, where 2 people can assemble the full
system (including the platform, sensors and computer) and have it operational in 4-5 hours. Disassembling
process take 2-3 hours.

Q: It looks like the sphere is made out of metal?
A: Actually spheres are made out of plastic – there are versions made out of ABS plastic and Polycarbonate.

: It looks big and heavy – is it difficult to get it to turn and then slow it down?
A: The platform with omni-directional wheels allow for an easy and effortless movement
of the Sphere. We’ve had kids as small as 10 years old do well in the Virtusphere.

Q: When you say “full body motion” what do you mean?
A: The Virtusphere was initially designed to allow people to walk in cyberspace. In addition, a user can run in the
sphere (even at a very fast pace), crabwise, jump and roll. There is quite a lot of space inside the sphere – the
current model is 10 feet in diameter. Users can punch, kick and do all kinds of moves with their whole body
without encountering a physical obstacle.

Q: Could a few people  use one Virtusphere at the same time?
A: In Virtusphere can walk only one user. But several people in several Virtuspheres can immerse in same virtual
space and interact between each other or with virtual objects in real time. Of course, if 3D application should
support network operating mode. For example, using a network you can play in  Crisis, Call of Duty, Counter
strike, Americas Army, etc., or teams training.

Q : Are there any restrictions for using of Virtusphere?
A: Yes, there are the following restrictions: maximum users weight 250 Lb, users age at least 10 years.
Virtusphere not recommended for pregnant women and people with heart and mental disease.
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